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Are you creative? Do you want to serve others using your gifts and talents? Do you want to sharpen your skills in preparation for a career? Do you need college credit via an internship?

Ask a Staff

Meet Teila
Atlanta, GA
Delta Gamma

Teila Higgins is a delta gamma alumni from Butler University (IN). After working in Indianapolis for a year, she transferred to Atlanta to work for Campus Crusade for Christ full time. She has lived in Atlanta for almost five years working as a national Greek ministry consultant for Crusade and planning conferences and events for the Southeast Region (AL, GA, FL, MS). You can email her here!



Leading a Greek Movement

Roger Hershey speaks about greek ministry through his years of experience on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ. There are some audio technical problems the first couple of minutes of the video, but after that, it's clear and viewable.

Leaders: Plan Out Your Year

Yearly Planning Guide

Where's Your Movement?

Show us where your movement is. Find out where other Greek movements are at!

:: Resources ::

GREEK THINGS 4-Week Dialogue (with Leader's Guide)

Greek Things takes you on a reflective journey to help you make sense of God and Greek Life.


Check Out These Bible Studies

1.5 Page Studies
The purpose of these studies is to help the busy student leader, key volunteer, or anyone to make the most of their time.

Connection Bible Study
This study provides students with an opportunity to be involved in a five week Bible study series emphasizing the relevance of Scripture in every day life and issues, in the context of warm, attractive Christian relationships.

The God Who Is Bible Study
The heart behind this series was to provide an avenue for people to grow in their knowledge of who God is and, hopefully, in their intimacy with Him.

More Books and Bible Studies


Creative Outreach Ideas

You can use these ideas to build relationships, share the gospel, or create an awareness of your movement.

Shorter Greek Spiritual Survey
Microsoft Word version

Longer Greek Spiritual Survey
Microsoft Word version

: These surveys were designed to be a tool for you to surface spiritually interested Greeks in your House or on your campus.

More surveys to download:

QuEST 1.0 - Life Perspective
QuEST 2.0 - Religious Experience
QuEST 3.0 - Spiritual Journey

New Member Strategy (.DOC)
by Alice Walters
Description: This resource was designed for sororities but can be edited for fraternities. This document describes how to connect with the New Member Educator to reach the new members. Here is a new member survey you can use.

More Creative Outreach Ideas


Student Leader Interviews

Listen to Greek Movement student leaders from around the country talk about their experiences in leading Greeks spiritually.

Jenna Pusser
Alpha Chi Omega

If you would like ask any questions or give feedback, click here to email Jenna.
Listen to Interview (MP3)
Read Interview (PDF)

Hace Cargo

If you would like ask any questions or give feedback, click here to email Hace.
Listen to Interview (MP3)
Read Interview (PDF)

Justin Karl
Delta Tau Delta

If you would like ask any questions or give feedback, click here to email Justin.
Listen to Interview (MP3)
Read Interview (PDF)


What Do You Think?
What is your biggest fear when you think about leading a Greek Movement in your House or on campus?
I don't feel adequate
Rejection by brothers/sisters
No other leaders to help
Don't want to leave comfort zone


Get Resources for "Starting a Greek Ministry"

Expert Advice on Greek Leadership

Leaving a Legacy in Your Greek House
:: Greek Conference Audio ::
Brett Ogburn

DOWNLOAD - Talk 1 | Talk 2 | Talk 3

Brett is a well known speaker who has impacted Greek lives all over the country. Students are attracted to his humor and humility. Every Greek leader will be inspired to lead after listening to these talks.

Fresh Perspectives on Leadership & Movements

Tim Elmore's Leadership Link

Movement Launching

OnMovements: Thoughts on Building Movements Everywhere (blog)

MovementsEverywhereRant (blog)



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