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Meet Teila
Atlanta, GA
Delta Gamma

Teila Higgins is a delta gamma alumni from Butler University (IN). After working in Indianapolis for a year, she transferred to Atlanta to work for Campus Crusade for Christ full time. She has lived in Atlanta for almost five years working as a national Greek ministry consultant for Crusade and planning conferences and events for the Southeast Region (AL, GA, FL, MS). You can email her here!



15 Ways

15 Ways to Serve Your Greek Brothers/Sisters

1) Do a cleaning project in your House that no one else wants to do.

2) Offer to do someone's chore in addition to your own.

3) Drive someone home after a party.

4) Get on a committee or run for an executive position.

5) If they are financially in trouble, help them pay their dues.

6) Go to every event on the calendar. This will create more opportunities for you to minister to them.

7) Help them with a homework assignment.

8) Help them study for a test.

9) Lead a philanthropy event for your chapter.

10) Bring soda, snacks or food to your chapter or leadership meetings.

11) Offer to pray for them.

12) Offer your service at each chapter event, even if you aren't on that particular committee.

13) In addition to giving financially to your church, set aside a portion of your income towards blessing a brother or sister.

14) Write a thank you note or encouragement letter.

15) Form a committee that will brainstorm the major problems/issues that the chapter is facing (hazing, gossip, alcohol abuse, absence of older members, etc.) and compile a list of practical solutions.


15 Ways to Share/Introduce the Gospel to Your Brothers/Sisters

1) Share your testimony/story with a new member.

2) Invite them to a retreat/conference.

3) Read a book with them and meet weekly to talk about it.

4) Lead a bible study in your House.

5) Invite them to be a part of your Greek movement on campus.

6) Take them to your church on Sunday.

7) Get a campus minister to speak at one of your chapter meetings.

8) Take on the role of pledge coordinator or new member educator to have an influence on the incoming members.

9) Get a composite picture of your members. Go down the list and pray for one brother/sister per night.

10) Do a prayer walk through your House.

11) Passionately seek God in your life so that the gospel would be revealed through your speech and actions in increasing measure.

12) Watch a movie with that has a spiritual theme and have a discussion afterwards.

13) Have them take the QuEST survey.

14) Have them read the spiritual growth blog articles on GreekMovement.com!

15) Spend time with them outside of fraternity/sorority/ministry events to build a relationship with them and get to know the broken areas of their life - so that you can reveal to them their need for Jesus.





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