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Meet Teila
Atlanta, GA
Delta Gamma

Teila Higgins is a delta gamma alumni from Butler University (IN). After working in Indianapolis for a year, she transferred to Atlanta to work for Campus Crusade for Christ full time. She has lived in Atlanta for almost five years working as a national Greek ministry consultant for Crusade and planning conferences and events for the Southeast Region (AL, GA, FL, MS). You can email her here!



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New Movement Launched

Greek Ministry 2006 at Marquette University
May 16, 2006

My desire and heart was that we could eventually have at least two Christians in all four of the social sororites at Marquette University. This semester, there was even a new sorority implimented on campus and I really felt called that the harvest was plentifull and ready to be cultivated within Greek Life this year. Therefore, I rounded up the troops and by the strength and grace of the Lord, more than 16 Christians were spotted within the five sororities.

We started meeting at the beginning of the semester to pray for our sororities and by the end of this semester, had two women in each sorority that is equipped and ready to start leading bible studies, outreaches and events within each of their chapters next fall!!!!! I met with Laura, on staff in the Milwaukee metro area and talked with Alice Walters about the various steps, prayers and resources we need and will need for this to happen. We as a group of beleivers and women planted in our sororities for the Lord's work to be done. We addressed Panhellenic Council and all of our Executive Boards about starting up what we call "CrossConnections" in all of our houses. To our surprise and the Lord's blessings, the Lord softened all of Panhellenic Counsel's hearts to not only be supportive of these studies starting but all checked boxes on the Spiritual surveys saying "they would like to know more about having a personal relationship with God!!!!" ... Praise Jesus!

Movement Launched: Greek Ministry 2006 at Marquette University! I cannot think of a better story that not only brings me tears but says "Emily, your work here is only through the power of the Lord and now you can leave knowing that there are girls who are touching the women in which you care so deeply to know the Father you are in a relationship with." Amen!

Hope others have just as much excitement as my heart does in seeing the Lord bless their campuses with such expansions of the Lord's kingdom right here on earth!

Emily Marie Iverson
Student at Marquette University

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