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Delta Gamma

Teila Higgins is a delta gamma alumni from Butler University (IN). After working in Indianapolis for a year, she transferred to Atlanta to work for Campus Crusade for Christ full time. She has lived in Atlanta for almost five years working as a national Greek ministry consultant for Crusade and planning conferences and events for the Southeast Region (AL, GA, FL, MS). You can email her here!



Yearly Planning Guide

Adapted from GodSquad.com

There are times of the school year which are better to plan specific movement events/outreaches/studies/retreats than other times. Understanding the cycles of momentum will assist you as you plan your year. Look at the chart below for ideas and activities for the different months of the year.

Cycles of Momentum

August and September

This time will provide the most momentum for your Greek movement. Prepare to work the hardest during these two months. This sets the pace for the rest of the year - so don't let this momentum slip through your fingers! Use this time to spread the net wide and gather as many Greeks into your movement as possible.

Read through the Starting a Greek Ministry on Campus if you are interested in starting a new Greek movement.

Host a leadership planning retreat before school begins. We suggest reading through Isaac Jenkin's handbook before or during the retreat.

Create a strategic plan for your movment.

Set up a time to meet as a group to pray throughout the year.

Hand out Greek spiritual surveys during the first two weeks of school. As an incentive to fill out the survey, you could hand out Greek planners or raffle off an iPod shuffle.

Follow-up the surveys.

Pick out small group leaders. Print out this helpful article to train these leaders on how to effectively run a small group.

Pick out bible study or focus group materials.

Put up posters in Greek Houses and/or on campus to advertise. Use personal invitations as the primary recruiting tool however.

Begin Small Groups. Tip: Don't call them bible studies. Call them "Legacy groups" or "Life groups" or something creative.

Recruit for Fall Retreat.

Schedule hang-out times to get to know each other.


October and November

The first two months were about casting the net wide. Now it is time to go deep with the Greeks you have involved.

Share your faith with your brothers/sisters.

If your chapter does interviews with new members, use that time to share your testimony with them.

Use the QuEST surveys to initiate spiritual conversations.

Continue to invite new Greeks to your small group or big group gathering.

Direct Greeks on your campus to Greek Movement. Add the link to your web site and facebook profile.

Come back to the Green Room and put your movement on the map so we know who you are, where you are, and what you are doing!

Begin recruiting for Christmas Conferences.


December and January

As the semester winds down, so will the momentum. Use this time to heavily recruit for your regional Christmas conference and the spring Greek conference (if applicable).

Continue recruiting for the Christmas conference.

Continue recruiting for the Greek conference.

Start informing Greeks about summer projects. Check out the Greek summer projects (listed on the left of the screen). If someone has gone on a summer project, then have them share their experience with the group.

If your chapter does interviews with new members, use that time to share your testimony with them.

Start thinking about second semester studies. Challenge emerging leaders to lead a new study. Challenge equipped leaders to meet with younger Greeks outside of the normal "meeting" times to disciple/mentor them.

Challenge and equip students to grow deeper in their walk with God (make more time for Him, get into the Word, read books, share their faith, serve others, etc.)

If you send a group to your Christmas conference, there will be great momentum coming back. Use this time to share life-changing stories from this conference to the rest of your group.


February and March

After February, the momentum dies significantly. School pressue, spring break, and spring fever will be major obstacles for you.

Give a final push for summer projects. Share videos, stories, pictures, etc. This is probably one of the most important things for you to do all year. Summer projects will change the lives of your involved Greeks and equip them to lead the following year. Don't let your legacy die. Get students on project!

Host an event about relationships during Valentine's Day week. Have a staff come in and speak on relationships to your Greek system. Hand out spiritual surveys and follow-up with them.

Plan a Spring Break trip together. This will build deeper relationships - which will strengthen your movement.

Continue to invite brothers/sisters to your small groups. Encourage your involved students to keep coming in the midst of the obstacles mentioned above.

Do not let your students isolate themsleves during this time. Encourage them to hang-out with their brothers/sisters and make it a priority to have spiritual conversations.


April and May

Be intentional about using this time to evaluate the the last two semesters while equipping next year's leaders.

Pick a day to hang-out and evaluate the semester. Use the strategic plan as a guide for evaluating where you are at and re-thinking where you are going.

Plan a leaders retreat for the end of the summer.

Pick and equip new leaders for the fall.

Pray for the future of your movement. Pray that God would continue to raise up new leaders that would be fully devoted to Him.


June and July

Take a vacation from school - but don't take a vacation from God! Use this time to encourage your students to mature in their faith.

Go on summer project.

Have a small group bible study or book study over the summer to keep people connected.

Invite students to come to your leadership retreat.



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