Three Ways To Relate To Your Greek House

Exploit: Use the fraternity/sorority for personal gain, but at the expense of the good of the chapter.

- Resume builder

- Meet girls

- Big parties

- Want a leadership position on campus

- Consumer mentality: What can I get out of this?

People leave the fraternity/sorority when the benefits stop rolling in.

Assimilate: Conforming to a fraternity/sorority for its benefit, but at the expense of the good of yourself.

- You do what the fraternity does

- You desire what it desires

- If everyone drinks, you drink. If you everyone smokes, you smoke.

- If there is a tradition of hazing, you follow that tradition.

As you conform and assimilate, the chapter may appear to be in good condition (no one fighting, everyone following the expectations, etc.) but it is a false good. Things may appear to be good because the chapter is being sustained and the traditions are being upheld, but is the chapter being transformed? Probably not. Are you as an individual becoming more of who you were created to be? Or are you trying to be what the chapter wants you to be?

Transform: Redeeming the fraternity/sorority for your good and the good of the chapter.

- You don’t conform to look like everyone else, but you bring your own unique personality to the table. Diversity is beautiful.

- You don’t join the fraternity to get, but to give. Things change when people take action. Things don’t change when Greeks simply go to the chapter meetings and parties. Sacrifice and hard work bring about transformation.

- People who redeem things can see both the good and the bad. Redeeming your fraternity/sorority involves acknowledging and praising the good, but it also means acknowledging the bad and then seeking to bring restoration.

- Some people only see the good (too positive). Some people only see the bad (too negative). Neither of these will bring about transformation!

Rather than exploiting your Greek House for your gain or conforming to the culture for its gain, seek to transform your Greek House by using your unique personality and talents to praise the good and restore the bad.

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