When You Buy, You Give

Here’s a philanthropy opportunity for you without having to do a philanthropy.

All Greeks now have the amazing opportunity to buy Greek stuff and have a percentage given to help support AIDS widows and orphans in Africa.

Does your chapter buy recruitment t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, and a variety of other Greek stuff throughout the year?

If so, then why not buy Greek stuff for a good cause? Greek Movement has recently partnered with three of the largest Greek supply companies (Greek Gear, Greek U, and Greek Hoodies) in an attempt to support the Agathos organization in Africa.

You can make a difference by raising an awareness of this philanthropy to your chapter. All proceeds will go directly to the Agathos Foundation. So buy, and buy a lot!

FYI: You must travel to the Greek stores via our web page in order for the donations to work.

Go to our Greek store page:

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