Greek Parable: The Race

Tyler Zach

There were six guys who rushed one fraternity house during their freshman year of college.

The first guy decided to quit during the first semester because his girlfriend did not want him to join. The second guy had an enjoyable first semester, but was kicked out of the fraternity when he received poor grades. The third guy left the fraternity at the end of the first year when the alumni board decided to make the house dry and could no longer host any parties. The fourth guy, by his junior year, had acquired many friends from his classes and decided to leave the fraternity to spend more time with them. The fifth guy, during his senior year, decided to leave the fraternity so that he could focus on his studies, get an excellent GPA, and start looking for a job. The last guy, only weeks away from graduation, was kicked out of the fraternity for smoking marijuana in the chapter house.

Many enter into Greek life, but only a few finish the race.

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