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Greek Life & Culture Blog
A Greek Movement blog with articles on current events, relationships, and life.

Greek Definitions
A glossary or Greek terms.

Greek Statistics
Fraternity and sorority statistics.

Greek Chat
The fraternity and sorority Greek chat network. Discussion board included topics like recruitment, philanthropy events, alumni involvement, risk management, Greek life, fundraising, chapter operations, etc.
Greekopedia was created on March 22nd, 2006 with the goal of building the most comprehensive encyclopedic resource about college fraternities and sororities. Currently, they are working on 1,463 Articles! This website is based on a wiki, similar to, that allows users to modify pages. Greekopedia is dependent on your knowledge.

Recruitment Ideas
Wisdom Sparks is your source for discussing values-based recruitment into membership organizations. This blog is published and maintained by the staff of Phired Up Productions, LLC. JOIN THEIR FACEBOOK GROUP.

Google Scholar Articles
Are you doing research? Go here to find a listing of hundreds of scholarly articles on fraternity and sorority topics.

AFA (Association of Fraternity Advisors) is a new, comprehensive online resource for the entire fraternity/sorority advising community. Students may find this web site helpful as well. They have some interesting articles on topics such as risk management, hazing, Greek GPAs, rituals, etc. Membership is required to view this years published material, but the older articles are open to the public.

AFA's Perspectives Publication
AFA's Oracle Research Journal

Here are some articles in AFA's Oracle:

  • Using Organization Values in Decision Making
  • Branding + Values = Congruence (A Cure-all for Fraternity/Sorority Life?)
  • Are Fraternities & Sororities Teaching the Value of Community Service?
  • Good Guys: Eight Steps to Limitless Possibility in Fraternity Recruitment (book review)




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