Our Attempt At Starting a Spiritual Movement

Posted on January 24th, 2007 by Tyler.
Categories: Movements.

Demarick Patton

One idea leaves a legacy in many lives.

If you already have a campus ministry on your campus, why create a campus ministry for Greeks that looks the same? That is the question that Tyler and I wrestled with several years ago as we thought about creating a spiritual movement designed especially for Greeks.

If you do not yet have a spiritual movement on your local campus (or even if you do have one but would like some ideas from what we have seen work), I’ll be sharing ideas over my next few blogs.

Back in the fall of 2002, I met a Sig Ep named Tyler. I, myself being a Sig Ep Alum, had an instant connection with Tyler. I found Tyler to be a strong leader with a great vision. He had the desire for his brothers in his house to know what it meant to have a personal relationship with God through Jesus. We talked about how we could create a venue for his brothers and others in the Greek system at his school in which we could accomplish such a feat.

We asked these questions of ourselves: What do Greeks enjoy? What do they want? What are they going to want to come to considering they are very busy? How can we serve the Greek community? How can we serve the best interests of the university and faculty? We wanted the campus administration to be able to say, “If Greek Endeavor left campus they would leave a huge void.” What’s a good name that casts vision?

In the spring of 2003, we launched Greek Endeavor and had our first meeting with a small gathering of friends whom Tyler knew from the Greek system. We cast vision for our existence and how we wanted to serve them as Greeks. We explained that our emphasis in the main meeting of Greek Endeavor would focus on their personal development – specifically dealing with leadership and relational maturity issues that are common to all and catered to Greeks.

We have met this conquest with success in many ways along with failures through the winding rocky road of creating and sustaining a spiritual movement. Within our meetings, we have focused on fun, meeting others, and creating an atmosphere for lively discussion. We often break students into manageable groups where they can share life and ideas with one another. We give a short talk and then ask thoughtful questions that challenge and stimulate. Never do students go away without a new application.

Once we met a critical mass of regular participants, we initiated the second phase of our movement. We created Legacy Groups. We wanted to give those who desired to grow spiritually a place to come and invest in one another. The name, Legacy, lends prophetic prowess to the desired outcome of the groups. Within these small communities we have seen a number of students come meet God in a fresh way and for many for the first time.

In the follow-up to this blog, I will give some stories of changed lives, topics of discussion, further vision, and fresh ideas.

Until then, God’s blessings to you and yours.