Moses Could Have Been Greek

Posted on February 26th, 2007 by Tyler.
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Tyler Zach

I was reading in Exodus today and realized that Moses definitely could have been a Greek at his local Egyptian college.

There are some sweet lessons that we can learn from him that are applicable to us as Christians living in a fraternity or sorority House. Here are a few:


Moses complained to God, after God had commissioned him to lead the Israelites out of bondage, that he wasn’t talented enough to accomplish the job at hand. Do you ever feel haunted by the fact that you are one of the only Christians in your fraternity or sorority? Leaders that are called by God for a specific mission usually are leaders who never wanted to go in the first place. I think this is because God calls us to a mission that is above and beyond our ability to complete it. Do you feel like there is no possible way to make a difference? If not, then you are right where God wants you.


Moses didn’t know how he was going to go to Pharaoh and change his mind. Moses claimed that he didn’t have good speaking skills. How was he going to persuade the King of the Land to do something crazy?

Do you feel like reaching out to your brothers/sisters but feel inadequate because you are not a full-time minister? Do you feel like people will reject you if you try? Moses experienced all of these same feelings. But, God told him to GO anyways, promising to go with him and perform many miracles. The Bible tells us that God’s power shines through our weaknesses. If some of your unbelieving Greek friends see you leading a movement in your House and know that you aren’t a good speaker or a good whatever, God will get much glory because they won’t know how to explain the miracles going on. God gets the glory, not us.


Once God started performing all these miracles through Moses, I can’t help but wonder if he started to strut a little when walking around Pharaoh’s palace. The strut, however, couldn’t have lasted that long because Pharaoh wouldn’t change his mind! Even after all the cool miracles Moses was doing, Pharaoh still wouldn’t let the Israelites go! What the heck?

I’m sure Moses was probably getting really frustrated at what was happening. God sent him there and nothing was clicking. Actually, things were getting worse. Moses’ own people were ticked because Pharaoh was making life a living hell for them. So what was going on?

God actually warned Moses about this. He said that he was going to harden Pharaoh’s heart until the proper time. Welcome to the school of hard knocks.

You may be in your fraternity or sorority right now trying all kinds of things for God – but nothing seems to be working. There is a lesson in this. God wants you to know that He’s in control, not you. No matter how many great things you do on your God-given mission, only God has the power to change peoples’ hearts.

This truth should drive you to your knees in prayer. Only through spending time with God in prayer will any of your efforts make a difference.

If Moses showed up to your fraternity or sorority today, I’m sure he’d tell you to step up and do something radical, to depend on God’s work through you, and to leave the results up to God. After all, He is in control.


Comment on February 27th, 2007.

Hey, thank you SO much for that encouraging blog. Seriously, last week I was SO close to dropping because of the escalated lecels of frustration recently in my house. I am on exec and feel the pressures are even worse. AND I live in the house…its rough but then my Dad reminded me of Paul and how he was persecuted and thrown in prison and kept praising God. Then another friend told me to read I Peter and I now I also have Moses to look to. It really is true that often times we DONT want to be where we are but we must remember that we are where we are because we are called to something so much bigger then ourselves and our circumstances. Have a blessed day and thanks again!!

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