Who Is God?

Posted on March 12th, 2007 by Tyler.
Categories: Knowing God.

Kelsey Zach

I love people. I love relationships and touch and anything tangible. Intellectual subjects that challenge me and really make me think are exciting to me. I love voices and facial expressions and laughing with people. I enjoy conversation with others and the uniqueness each person that crosses my path has to offer.

Yet as much as I embrace relationships, I still struggle making time to sit down and talk to God, the most important person in my life. I can’t sit down and face him, really face him. He’s not tangible. I can’t see his eyebrows rise in surprise or see his face crinkle in laughter, or watch his head fall back in even deeper laughter. When I’m struggling, searching and crying, I can’t physically hear a comforting voice like that of my dad’s telling me I’m going to be okay. I can’t feel His strong hand wiping away my tears.

However, what I’ve been learning is that I shouldn’t give up on God simply because He’s not tangible. Instead, God should be pursued with a burning passion. God is gracious, holy, righteous, pure, and beautiful. He’s everything that I am not. He’s my constant pursuer, my strength when I am weak, my Savior who has brought me out of the darkest of places.

God is good. Sometimes when we are going through trials in our lives, that’s a hard truth to remember. All of us have different struggles in our lives. Whether it is alcohol, drugs, impurity, pornography, pride, jealousy, putting other relationships before ours with God, or whatever idol one may have, God is good, and He wants us to conquer that temptation and that struggle in our lives. God wants a deep relationship with each one of us. He loves us and has a plan – a perfect plan – for us. And the cool thing about that is that although we are sinners, God sacrificed His only son for us, so that we may have eternal life with Him in heaven. If you believe in Christ, believe that He died for your sins, accept Him into your heart, and repent of your sins, this eternal life is His promise.

During a Bible study this summer, after hearing about my past struggles with alcohol, a friend challenged me to think about what it is I ultimately want. At first, I thought, “Of course I want eternal life with God.” When I reflected more on it later, I realized that my question to myself should be, “Right now, ultimately what is it I want MORE? Alcohol or God?” To answer my own question: “God.” He has shown me mercy and grace a countless number of times and forgiven sin after sin after sin.

So to counter my previous uncertainty and doubt – He’s not tangible, yet his love is so real. I saw it and continue to see it overflowing out of so many people that I met last summer and so many people currently in my life. God is love. I’m so thankful that God refuses to let Satan have a stronger hold on my life than He does, and that He continues to hold fast to my heart and grasp it tighter each day.

What is it that you want? Who is God to you? If He’s not the deepest desire of your heart, fight until He is. Pour yourself into the Word daily and learn about God and His character. Take hold of His hand as tightly as He’s grasping your heart, and run with Him without turning back. Let Him be your everything. Let Him be enough.

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